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#bekind Project

Write kind words to a loved one and remind them of their existence to you.
A nonprofit design to spread more kindness to others around you. A reminder that there is no better time than today to love the people around you.

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Please contact through email for business inquiries!
Email: [email protected]

About me:

I prefer to be called J / Panda / lee!

I draw art and run an online shop. I also livestream regularly on twitch.I am based in SoCal and I am often found at local events.
Either cons, cafe events, concerts, anything goes really.

Although it may not obvious, I am a shy/anxious person and so I often wear masks at local events. I also prefer to not reveal my personal information and I ask that you please respect my decision.
Thank you! ♡
Despite this, I do appreciate in-person interactions a lot, please don't be afraid to approach me at events and to share your love and interests.

Panda GPS

EventDateLocationTimeEvent DetailsType
Twitchcon2022/10/7-10/9San Diego Convention Center9AM-6PMSiteConvention
OC Japan Fair2022/10/21-10/23OC Fair & Event Center5PM-11PM (10/21) 12PM-10PM (10/22) 10AM-5PM (10/23)SiteNight Market

Past Events

EventDateLocationTimeEvent DetailsType
K-Play!Fest2022/09/03-04OC Fair & Event Center11AM – 8PMSiteConvention
AnimeExpo2022/07/01-04Los Angeles Convention CenterNASiteConvention
Bangtan Comes Home2022/06/25Gotcha Teahouse12PM-5PMInstagramCupsleeve
Pixel Pop2022/06/11-12Frank & SonSat:9AM-6PM Sun:10AM-5PMSiteGame Convention
Bak-Anime2022/05/21-22Kern County Fair Grounds10AM-6PMSiteConvention
Anime fest SD (UNABLE TO ATTEND)2022/05/07UCSDNASiteAnime Convention
OffKaiExpo2022/04/29-05/01Double Tree San JoseNASiteAnime Convention
Always Missing Sope2022/05/26Kawaii Boba Teahouse11AM-7PMInstagramBTS Cupsleeve
BTS SWEET ABYSS2021/12/18-19Gotcha TeaHouse12PM-5PMInstagramBTS cupsleeve event
Animé Los Angeles 172022/01/06-09Long Beach Convention CenterNASiteConvention
KPlayFest2021/1/15-16Pomona Fairplex10AM-7PMSiteConvention
PTD on Stage2021/11/26Xing Fu Tang12PM-7PMInstagramBTS Cupsleeve event
Sin City2021/11/19-2021/11/21Alexis Park All Suite ResortNASiteConvention
Our Borahae Universe2021/11/06Twinkle Brown Sugar12PM-5PMInstagramBTS Cupsleeve event
Anime Guild Torrance2021/10/30Del Amo Fashion Center11AM-8PMSiteConvention (Free-Entry)
OC Japan Fair2021/10/15-17OC Fair & Event CenterF: 5PM-11PM | SA: 12PM-10PM | SU: 10AM-5PMSiteFair
AniMarketplace2021/10/09Japanese American Cultural & Community Center2PM-8PMSiteConvention
Tea & Joon2021/09/19Sunright11AM-5PMInstagramBTS Cupsleeve
SacAnime2021/09/03 - 05SAFE Credit Union Convention Center10AM-6PMSiteConvention
Tea & Kookie2021/08/28Sunmerry Coffee - Brea11AM-5PMInstagramCup Sleeve
Hot Bangtan Summer2021/08/21 - 22Twinkle Brown Sugar (Cerritos)12PM-5PMTwitterCup Sleeve
Happy ARMY Day2021/07/11DING TEA NEAR DISNEY11:30 AM - 6:30 PMTwitterCupsleeve event
ZotCon 20202020/05/17 [CANCELLED]UCI Student Center10:30AM - 6PMTwitterConvention
JHope + Suga2020/03/14-15 [CANCELLED]Heere Tea12PM - 8PMTwitterCupsleeve event
Tea & Suga2020/03/07Milk + T12PM- 7PMTwitterCupsleeve event
AugustHope2020/03/01102 Cafe1PM - 7PMTwitterCupsleeve event
Sope World2020/02/29Aiyu Cha12PM - 9PMTwitterCupsleeve event
O.M.G. Con2020/02/15The Source OC11AM - 7PMFacebookFree-Entry Convention
Tea & Taejin2019/12/15GONG CHA12PM - 9PMTwitterCafe event
JIN-gularity: A Vinter Fest2019/12/14DING TEA12PMTwitterCafe event
V & JIN BIRTHDAY2019/12/08HEERE TEA12PM - 8PMTwitterCafe event
V & JIN BIRTHDAY2019/12/07HEERE TEA12PM - 8PMTwitterCafe event
OC Epiphany2019/12/01102 Cafe12PM - 7PMTwitterCafe event
Discord Meet-up2019/11/24Bubble & Leaf12PM - 4PMNoneMeet-Up
O.M.G. Con2019/11/16The Source OC11AM - 7PMFacebookFree-Entry Convention
RM + JK2019/09/06-08HEERE TEA12PMTwitterCafe event
ARMY CON2019/06/23Hollywood Los Feliz Jewish Community Center10AM - 3PMSiteBTS Convention


Please read through the policies prior to filling out the request form!

Commission Prices

currently: CLOSED
last updated: 2022/01/14


last updated: 2020/09/27


♡ I, the artist, hold every right to the commissioned piece. Actions include: displaying it anywhere to my liking, posting the piece on any of my accounts.♡ There will be a signature on every commission with rare exceptions such as a professional logo or such.


♡ The commissioners are not allowed to sell the artwork/make a profit of the artwork in any way. Please keep in mind that small artists put a lot of effort in time for commissions vs. working on personal projects for themselves.♡ Commissioners may print the art for personal use.♡ Commissioners may claim the right of the character(s) if they are commissioning their OCs but not the drawing itself.♡ Please properly credit the artist if posted.


If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you have to the drawing will be retracted.Examples include but not limited to:
♡ Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially without permission.
♡ Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.
♡ Removing any watermarks/signatures.
♡ Altering the artwork without the artist's consent.


♡ I reserve the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.♡ Commission cannot be cancelled if the payment has been made on the commissioner's end.♡ If the payment has not been made yet, the commissioner reserves the right to cancel the commission.


♡ A conversation between the Artist and Commissioner may occur regarding details of the piece.♡ If the complexity of the piece goes beyond the standard, prices are subject to change but the Artist and Commissioner will agree on a price before payment.♡ A simple base sketch will be provided after finalizing the details of the piece and an agreed price. At this point, only 2 changes may be made.♡ After approval of the base sketch, payment will be required before moving on to complete the piece.♡ Payment will be taken in USD on Venmo or Paypal; The artist will request you for the agreed price.♡ Please keep in mind that the artist is not a full time artist and the commission can take up to a month.


♡ Pieces will have simple backgrounds (exemption of special cases)
♡ Will not draw furry art (simple animal ears is ok)
NO nudity
NO extensive armor
♡ Please message if unsure whether I will take a commission.